Positive Youth Development
4-H is designed to support the positive and successful development of all youth. 4-H volunteer leaders are essential partners in creating a positive environment by focusing on the strengths of youth and providing positive ways for youth to meet their basic needs.

Youth-Adult Partnerships
Youth-adult partnerships are shown to be one of the most effective ways to engage both youth and adults in meaningful activities which contribute to positive youth development.

4-H Record Book
Most projects encourage 4-H members to record their learning experiences with the Annual Project Report. 

For Adult 4-H Volunteer Leaders

Project Leaders Digest


Safety is an important consideration in all 4-H projects. Please review the Clover Safety Fact Sheets.

4-H Curriculum

Curriculum is available at: ANR Publications ( and National 4-H Mall (

4-H Project Sheets

The 4-H project sheets are a guide for 4-H project leaders to develop their projects with meaningful content. 4-H youth and their families may use this list to find projects they might be interested in. For a brief description of each 4-H project, please see the list of California 4-H Projects (PDF).

California 4-H Project Sheets inspired by Iowa State University 4-H Project Hot Sheets.

More resources coming soon. Last udpated 5/9/23.