Out & About in the Parks

Cloverbud - Out & About in the Parks Project

This project is geared towards Cloverbud 4-H members (ages 5-8) and will focus on exposing project members to local regional parks with an emphasis on learning about the ranching and farming history of the East Bay.  We'll be visiting three parks, interacting with park rangers and perhaps getting a behind the scenes tour of the East Bay Regional Park District's fire house in Tilden.  The three parks to be visited are Garin Regional Park, Ardenwood Historic Farm and Tilden Regional Park.

Age: 5-8

Limit: 8 members

When: 3 weekends, dates TBD 

Cost: $3.50 per ride on Tilden steam train

Project Leaders: Neoma Lavalle & Ben Bachelder

November TBD, Garin Regional Park, 10am-1pm

Visit Garin Red Barn & learn about farming/ranching history in Hayward area

February TBD, Tilden Regional Park, TBD

Visit Tilden steam trains & fire house - learn about another regional park and meet some of the firefighters

April TBD, Ardenwood Regional Park, 10am - 1pm

Visit Ardenwood, learn more about Fremont farming history and maybe visit with another 4-H club members

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