Poultry Project


Become a Chicken Whisperer

Understand the fowl's needs from egg to adults

Bond with your birds and tame them while learning showmanship

Immerse in poultry lore: from breeds and body parts, to disease remedies, housing, food and everything else.

Have fun with poultry related crafts and games

Make Friends with like interest in poultry

Project requirements for completion:

Age: 5-19

Limit: no limit

When: 1st Fridays from 6pm-7pm 

Where: Vane's house near Castro Valley High School (Project Leader will send location and any date/time changes)

Cost: free 

Project Leaders: B

Project Plan:

10/6/23 Poultry Trivia

11/3/23 Life Cycle

12/1/23 Poultry Safety (housing, health)

2/2/24 Eggs, Feathers, and Breeds

3/1/24 Fair Displays

5/3/24 Showmanship 

Questions? Contact Project Leader Talila at talilagolan@gmail.com

Project Plans

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