County Project - Square Dance

County Wide Project - Square Dance

Learn basic square dancing and some western dancing. Returning members will learn more advanced calls and additional line dances. This is a county wide project open to the entire family. 

Age: 8+ (though younger ages will be considered based on maturity)

When: Thursdays 7-8:30pm (more experienced dancers till 9:30pm). Starting in October 5th.

Where: Del Valle High School 2253 Fifth St Livermore

Approximate Cost: October meetings are free to new members ($10 monthly starting November)

Project Leaders: Margaret Miller (Del Arroyo 4-H Club)

Teen Leader: Isabela S. 

Junior Leader: Rowan C.

So... why should you join Square Dancing?

1. It’s FUN!

2. It’s good exercise

3. It’s a county-wide project so you’ll get to meet and make friends with members from other clubs.

4. It’s not limited to 4-H – that means parents, older siblings, and non-4-H friends are welcome and encouraged to come learn, too, making Thursday nights into fun, family outings.

5. It’s a great way to earn valuable record book points. In square dance we do lots of community service, from making Valentine’s to dancing at senior centers; we get communication points for presentations; we earn those rare citizenship points for cultural arts by dancing at fairs and in parades.

Give square dancing a try. You don’t need to buy any special outfits (though you can, if you want). You just need to wear tennis shoes and comfortable clothes you can move around in.

Project website:

photo courtesy of Joe Dehn

photo courtesy of Diane Yudelson

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