What are Projects?

In 4-H we believe in learning by doing. Projects are ways for kids to learn through hands on experiences. Whether it be Cooking or Sheep your child will learn in a fun and experience based environment.

What Projects can my child do?

They can do as many or as few Projects as they want. Most Projects are free for 4-H members, some will have minimal fees as noted in descriptions below, however Livestock Projects require the purchase of Livestock. Large Livestock Projects are also limited to youth above the age of 9.

Who runs Projects?

Every Project is run by a state screened and background checked adult Project Leader. They plan and teach the youth the skills they need to be successful in that Project. They are assisted by Teen Leaders, older youth that have been in the Project before.

Club Projects: Yearbook, Veterinary Science, Market Sheep, Horse, Hiking, Cupcake (decorating), Cookies (baking), Camping, Bird Watching, Backyard Science, Archery
County Projects: The County has a wide variety of Projects for youth to participate in: 4-H Tech is led by Redwood 4-H volunteers.

Volunteers & New Projects Welcome

Do you have any talents/hobbies/expertise you could share and teach to kids? Does your kid have any interests for a Project that you could lead with them? Come to a Club Meeting for more information about becoming a registered volunteer.

Learn More

Attend our Community Club Meetings on the 2nd Thursdays of the month Sept-May to learn more about our projects and how to get involved with 4-H.


The yearbook project is a project in which the club’s historian and any other interested members sort through the photos taken on our 4-H events and meetings and put together the club’s yearbook. The project’s participants will meet monthly for 45-75 minutes, (twice in May). Meeting times are not yet set. They will learn to apply Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator techniques to fit the photos and arrange them on yearbook pages. The meetings will take place in the project leader’s home in Fremont (unless another household in Castro Valley or Hayward that has the Adobe suite on their computer will volunteer to host this project).


This project is open to ages 9 and older. (I’ll consider younger members)

Unless the project location will change, participants must be able to come to Fremont to attend the meetings.

Veterinary Science

In this project we meet once per month and learn about the veterinary field. We typically have a short lecture-style power point followed by an associated activity. These activities can be anything from taking vitals of an animal to dissecting a cow heart! There is no minimum age requirement, but for members under 8 years old, a parent may be needed to assist members with dissection labs. This year I want input from the members before I make up the lesson plans! If you are interested in joining this project, please fill out this google form. The meetings will likely be held on Sundays but are subject to change.

Questions: Contact Project Leader Jenna Gerds at

Market Sheep

We learn how to pick out, care for and show a market lamb in preparation for the Alameda County Fair. Project commitment starts in April when we purchase our lambs. Meeting dates are not set and can be multiple required meetings a month especially after we have the lambs. The cost for your project can vary depending on the amount you pay for your lamb. You should plan on investing $500 - $600 per sheep (cost of lamb, feed, supplies, and a thank you gift for your buyer). Youth can sell two lambs at the Alameda County Fair auction and normally result in a profit when there is a successful project. Last year most youth earned $350-$500 per sheep after expenses, but one first year member earned $1,100 per sheep. Auction price depends on how well youth show and market their sheep and the buyers the get to the auction.


In the horse project you will learn how to care for and handle a horse as well as learn about horse anatomy and equipment. You will learn to show a horse at the Alameda County Fair whether you have a horse or not. You do not have to own a horse to join. There is no cost for this project unless you are leasing a horse.


Redwood 4-H Hiking Project is continuing into it's 13th year with a monthly hike at the best nature areas around the San Francisco Bay. Every second Saturday of the month (except for April) we will hike a new nature trail, each selected for its special natural features and suitability for the club’s hikers and the season. Learn about the trails and ecology of several parks in the Bay area. Good Hiking Practices will be taught and we encourage members to take photographs and bring healthy snacks. Trail levels range from easy to moderate in difficulty and are usually Saturdays from 10 am to 2 pm including breaks. All destinations are within a driving radius of 1 hour or less from Castro Valley. Some destinations require an entry fee. On some of the hikes dogs are allowed too.

Project requirements:

Redwood 4-H Hiking Project is open to members of all ages. Primary members ages 8 years and younger are required to have an adult chaperone. Members ages 9 years and older can hike without a chaperone, but family members are more than welcome to join in.

Youth hikers are encouraged to carry their own water and snacks. All hikers are required to abide by 4-H rules, local park’s rules, and hikers safety and leave no trace etiquette.

Questions? Contact Project Leader Talila at

Here is the program planned for 2022-2023:

October 8: San Bruno Mountain County Park, Brisbane CA, 3 miles, easy plus

November 12: Diablo Foothills Regional Park, Walnut Creek CA, 3.5 miles, easy plus

December 10: Rancho Corral de Tierra, Half Moon Bay CA, 3.5 miles, moderate

January 14: Sunol Regional Park, Sunol CA, 3.5 miles, moderate

February 11: Ed Levin Park, Milpitas CA, 3 miles, easy

March 11: Dry Creek/Pioneer Regional Park, Union City CA, 4 miles, moderate

April: no hike this month

May13: Ring Mountain Preserve, Corte Madera CA, 3 miles, moderate

Cupcake (decorating)

Learn how to decorate cupcakes with different frosting techniques. Then have fun eatting your hard work.

Ages: 5-18

When: 3rd Fridays starting in October at 7pm

Where: Near Castro Valley High School

Cost: Free

Cookies (baking)

In the Cookies Project we will make rolled, drop, no bake, stamped and pressed cookies. We will enjoy eating our tasty creations and youth will learn:

  • how to measure

  • how to use a mixer

  • how to use an oven and much more

Age: 5-18

When: 2nd Fridays starting in October at 7pm

Where: Near Castro Valley High School

Cost: Free


Redwood 4-H Camping Project 2022-2023

Redwood 4-H is once again offering an overnight camping project. This year there will be two camping events each preceded by a planning meeting in which the members will learn about the necessary preparation for a successful camping trip, and will plan both their camp cooked menu and their camp time recreation activities.

The first camping event will be on November 12-13 (one night) in Mount Diablo State Park.

The second camping event will be on April 1-2 (one night) in Brannan Island State Recreation Area.

The planning meetings will be scheduled at about two weeks before each trip. Meeting times will be decided according to the availability of the members enrolled in the project.

Project requirements:

The camping project is open to members of all ages. Primary members ages 8 and younger must have an adult chaperone. Members 9 and older are not required to have an adult chaperone but adult family members are encouraged to join and share the experience.

All participants are responsible to bring basic camping gear: a tent, a sleeping pad, and a sleeping bag or blankets. If you don’t have the equipment, please contact the project leader.

This year the club will cover the rental of the campsite facilities. Other costs such as group food purchasing will be split among the participants in each camping event. (In previous years it has been around $20-30 per family for each event).

Questions? Contact the project leader Talila, at

The photos posted here are from previous years camping events.

Bird Watching

In this project we meet once per month and learn about bird watching. The first meeting will consist of birding 101, learning the basics of bird ID and how to make your own bird journal. All meetings thereafter will be observing birds in the wild. Please wearing hiking attire at meetings. There is not an age minimum for this project, however if the member is under the age of 8, please ensure an adult is able to help chaperone on hikes. If you are interested in joining this project, please fill out this google form. The meetings will likely be held on Sundays but are subject to change.

Questions: Contact Project Leader Jenna Gerds at

Backyard Science

Ages: 5-18
Details: Hands on fun STEM projects that will spark learning and discovery. Rocket launches, fun with polymers, viral science experiments and some edible science projects too. We will do the 4-H 2022 STEM Challenge for 2 meetings: designed by Rutgers University, Explorers of the Deep, focuses on the mysteries and adventures of ocean exploration with robots! Join us to see how fun science can be.
Cost: Free

When: 1st Thursday of the month from 7-8pm
Where: Project Leader's backyard near Center/Heyer

When siging up on 4HOnline - this project is listed Science Literacy: STEM.


In the Archery project youth will:

  • Learn safe and responsible use of bow and arrow

  • Shoot with proper form

  • Care for bows and arrows

  • Score targets and shoot with a compound or recurve bow

Age: 9 and older

When: Starting in November*. We plan to practice once a month on 2nd Sundays.

Where: Redwood Bowman Archery Club near Chabot Science Center.

Cost: Redwood Bowman Club has a suggested $5 donation to use their archery range.

*Archery will be available as soon as this years certification trainings are availble. State wide Shooting Sports Leaders meeting is in October so we hope to be able to announce dates after that meeting. Check back after October 1st for more details.

When siging up on - this project is listed Shooting Sports Archery. has the wrong description: we will NOT be doing any bow-hunting, we will only be doing target pracitce.

4-H County Tech Project

Come learn new tech! Join the county-wide 4-H Tech Project as members choose projects they want to build while they Try, Learn, Share and Repeat the new technologies. Parent attendance and guidance is appreciated. No prior tech experience needed. Virtual meetings are to be determined based on member needs. Last year, 4-H Tech meet on Wednesdays for 45 min, every 3 weeks.

4-H at Home

4‑H at Home provides hands-on, educational activities for kids and teens all year long. The hands-on educational resources 4-H is known for are now available at home! Whether you’re a 4-H member, a virtual learner, a homeschooler or just looking for some quick and fun activities to take your interests to the next level, 4-H at Home has something for everyone. Explore the resources below, and join the 4-H newsletter to stay updated about new 4-H at Home activities.