Record Books

California 4-H Record Book Manual

For Junior (9 - 10 years old), Intermediate (11- 13 years old) and  Senior 4-H Members (14 - 19 years old).

Purpose of Record Books


The California 4-H Youth Development Program (YDP) has a long history of record-keeping as an activity by 4-H members. To move youth on a path toward thriving within their communities, the 4-H Record Book goes through periodic changes to meet the needs of youth and mission of 4-H YDP.

The Purpose of the 4-H Record Book:

Record Books

A 4-H Record Book is a standard record of your activities in 4-H - your projects, activities, events, skills development and learning experiences. The 4-H Record Book helps you improve your skills in record keeping, goal management and reflection on your achievements and growth in 4-H. You can submit your record book for evaluation at the club, county and state levels.

The Record Book and Achievement Programs are optional and separate programs. 

We recommend you take advantage of both programs to maximize your growth and learning in 4-H.

Online Forms and Record Books

Vist the state website to get started with one of the templates that works best for you: