Archery Project


In the Archery project youth will:

  • Learn safe and responsible use of bow and arrow

  • Shoot with proper form

  • Care for bows and arrows

  • Score targets and shoot with a compound or recurve bow

Age: 9 and older

When: Starting in November*. We plan to practice once a month on 2nd Sundays.

Where: Redwood Bowman Archery Club near Chabot Science Center.

Cost: Redwood Bowman Club has a suggested $5 donation to use their archery range.

*Archery will be available as soon as this years certification trainings are availble. State wide Shooting Sports Leaders meeting is in October so we hope to be able to announce dates after that meeting. Check back after October 1st for more details.

When siging up on - this project is listed Shooting Sports Archery. has the wrong description: we will NOT be doing any bow-hunting, we will only be doing target pracitce.

Are you interested in archery? Don’t wait to start – start now! These are the top 5 health benefits you will gain if you join archery.

1. Improves your focus

Remaining focused during a shot is important for every archer. An archer must focus on their target, focus on their form, and ignore the distractions around them. By constantly being focused, it can help you focus and keep calm in high-pressure situations.

2. Improves your hand-eye coordination

Archery trains your hands to aim based on the feedback from your eyes. With continuous practice and repetition your coordination becomes better. The better coordination an archer has, the better the aiming.

3. Improves your upper strength

The arms, core, chest, and shoulders are all used when practicing a proper draw. Similar to lifting weights, an archer usually holds their draw for a couple seconds, which allows for tension in the muscles. Repetition of this action leads to muscle development.

4. Improves your social skills

Archery can be an individual sport or a team sport. When an archer competes in a tournament they are usually grouped together with other archers for scoring. Archers can get to know each other while they walk the course together. Teams are important in archer too. Working as a team and supporting one another is important for the success of the group.

5. Improves your confidence

Archery provides a boost of self-esteem to archers when they see their mental and physical skills improving during practice and tournaments.

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