Veterinary Science Project

Veterinary Science

In this project we meet once per month and learn about the veterinary field. We typically have a short lecture-style power point followed by an associated activity. These activities can be anything from taking vitals of an animal to dissecting a cow heart! There is no minimum age requirement, but for members under 8 years old, a parent may be needed to assist members with dissection labs. This year I want input from the members before I make up the lesson plans! If you are interested in joining this project, please fill out this google form. The meetings will likely be held on Sundays but are subject to change.

Questions: Contact Project Leader Jenna Gerds at

Project Leader

My name is Jenna Gerds and I'm the leader for both the veterinary science and bird watching projects. I started working in wildlife rehabilitation when I was 13, and the veterinary field when I was 16. I also graduated from UC Davis with a degree in Animal Biology, with emphasis in Wildlife Medicine. I currently work as a Veterinary Nurse in the Emergency and ICU departments. I began my 4H journey in this very same club many years prior, and now I have a niece just starting her journey! In my spare time I love to take hikes with both my piebald python (Cleopatra 🐍) and my 3-legged mutt (Westley 🐕 ).

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