DJ/Music Appreciation

DJ/Music Appreciation Project

By some estimates, over 150 million songs have been recorded, and countless more have been in existence before the dawn of media.  One resource breaks this down into 40 genres and over 200 subgenres, but of course there is a lot of room for debate on how to classify almost any song.  One thing is certain though, and that is that no music is created in a vacuum.  Songwriters are influenced by their past and their peers, and you can almost always trace a line back in time from the new music of today to the early days of recording.

The Music Appreciation Project will explore the relationships between songs and between genres through time, beginning with contemporary artists like Taylor Swift, L’Entourloop, and Khruangbin. Our winding journey will take us all the way back to big band, folk songs, and primal drumming, with who knows how many stops as we go.  We will also get our hands on some DJ equipment, with the goal of showcasing our favorite tunes at the summer BBQ. We’ll learn the basics of beatmatching and transitions along with how to put together a set list.

Project will meet for one hour on the 2nd Tuesday of the month beginning in November. Project is limited to eight spaces. 

Age: 9-18

Max: 8 members

When: 2nd Tuesdays 6:30-7:30pm

Where: Project Leader's house in Castro Valley

Cost: Free

Project Leaders: Ben Bachelder & Neoma Lavalle

Project Plan & Meeting Dates:

11/14/23 Introduction

12/12/23 2010’s-2020’s

1/9/24 90’s-00’s

2/13/24 70’s-80’s

3/12/24 50’s-60’s

4/9/24 30’s-40’s

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